Our Staff

Meet Our Wonderful Staff!!!

Chuck and Joyce

Chuck and Joyce have been an integral part of Wishon Village for 40 plus years.  They began as campers, then after retirement Chuck became the chief maintenance man for the Village. You will find him driving the jeep, fixing water line, cutting wood or chatting with customers about his beloved pastime of fly-fishing!

Joe and Sharon

Joe and Sharon both work for us!

Sharon  – Works in the store and office.  Need a recommendation for a hike or drive… she is the one ask! She has spent years exploring these mountains.  She is a wealth of information both on the area and regarding our campground.

Joe- Works maintenance and does a wonderful job keeping our campground clean.  You will find him raking sites and cleaning out fire pits. He covers more miles in a day raking sites, then most of us do in a week! 

Tom and Susan

Tom and Susan are our trusty supply run couple!

Every Tuesday they go down the hill to pick up all the grocery items we sell in the store. They also help with ordering and activities, and you will always find them with a smile and happy to help!

You’ll find their site to be the flowery one with “No Deer Trespassing” signs on it. (Susan has a hard time keeping the deer from eating her wonderful flowers)


Paige is our store and office manager.

She has worked at Wishon Village since 2013, starting out as a nanny for the owners two sons.  As the boys got older, she slowly worked more and more in the store, then moved to reservations and now manages both the store and office.  She loves the mountains, visiting with customers and can answer any question guests may have.

Al and Connie

Connie keeps our store in order, maintains inventory and assists our customers happily and tirelessly!  Al worked a few summer seasons in the office helping with reservations and now enjoys fishing and conversing with campers.  


Kelly is our maintenance and boat man!

You’ll see him running around in the brown work truck helping with projects or down at the lake getting customers settled into their boat rental. If you have any fishing questions, he can usually help out.

Want to work here?

Come join our staff. To apply for any job, please submit your application here.

Meet the Owners!

Kris and Katie Oneida have operated Wishon Village since 2006. Keeping the campground in the family, they have worked tirelessly to make sure that it stays a family-friendly place. Braeden and Seth are commonly seen riding through the campground on bikes or helping out in the store and campground.