Need some media time on your vacation?

WIFI is available throughout the park for an additional fee, but it is not strong enough to stream and we ask that you use it wisely as it only supports so many people.
We are at 6,600 feet you know, and that means our WIFI is intended for emailing, texting, and scrolling the internet. Not for Netflix, Hulu, or Disney(though you can always download them before your arrival).

  • WIFI is offered in the RV park area and out front of the store. There is no WIFI in the tent area.
  • WIFI is available through a 3rd party for an additional fee. Directions on how to sign up are at the reservation desk or below.
  • STREAMING IS NOT ALLOWED. Please download your movies or TV shows before arrival as streaming here is extremely slow, and limits other guests’ usage of the WIFI. Be Courteous. We provide basic WIFI with internet access for our guests to go online, text, email, and call.
  • WIFI calling will only work if you ENABLE WIFI CALLING while you are still in cell service. Please enable your WIFI calling before arrival if you need to make any phone calls.
  • There are no payphones or public phones available for use

WIFI Instructions Before Arrival

  • Please call Tengo Internets customer service center: 1(888)433-4404
  • You may also try going to your browser and typing start.mywifinetwork.com
  • ENABLE WIFI calling before arrival. You will not be able to make a phone call at our park if your WIFI calling is not enabled. You can google how to do this, or call your service provider.
To create and an account once on Tengo Internets web page:
  • Select “create account”
  • Input your information and create a password, hit submit
    • Your password must have the following: upper and lower case letter, a symbol, a number, minimum of 14 characters. Ex: MyCampTrip2021!
  • Payment through Tengo Internet starts your WIFI plan immediately. Please do not pay too far in advance.

WIFI Instructions Upon Arrival

To Create and an account:
  • Go into your WIFI settings and select “wishonvillageguest”
  • After you select it, it will pull up a 3rd party website – Select “create account”
  • Input your information and create a password, hit submit
  • On the new page: click “Launch Current Session” then, “Get Online”
  • If you see an error message, go to start.mywifinetwork.com and log in again
  • After logging in select “Launch Current Session” then, “Get Online”

To add another device: You can have 2 devices on one account

  • In your WIFI settings, select “wishonvillageguest”
  • Log in with the username(your email) and password you created
  • Select “Launch Current Session” at the top of the payment options, then select “Get Online”


  • Please call Customer service before coming to us if you have a connected device: 1(888)433-4404
  • If your device does not pull up the page, please try going to your browser and type start.mywifinetwork.com 
    • This should pull up Tengo Internet’s page and you can create an account or log in, follow the instructions above
  • Try turning your Cellular Service off, restarting your phone, or turning your wifi off and on, then log in again.
  • WIFI Calling: You must enable WIFI calling in cell service range to be able to make a call over WIFI