CDC Update

CDC UPDATE: In Effect Until Further Notice.

You must verify with us PRIOR TO ARRIVAL if anyone in your household is exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, not just positive test results. If you contact us today to reserve a site for August 1st, for example, you must confirm to us at the time of booking, and at any time prior to arrival on August 1st, if anyone in your household has any symptoms or positive tests. Site cancellation will then be required.

Each campground reservation (RV site rentals, tent site rentals, rental units, and pontoon boat rentals) should be occupied by members of your household ONLY. This means that the only people staying overnight in your site or on one of our boats should be limited to those who live within your household only. As always, our limit of 6 people per site is to be adhered to as well.

IMPORTANT – RV Site reservations will continue to be limited to fully contained RV’s ONLY until further notice. This means that we must continue to only allow RV’s that meet these minimum requirements, (toilet, shower, hot water & sink). Tent sites are still not allowed in an RV site, even with an RV that meets the criteria above. The available restroom will be at capacity with our tent camping reservations, so we are unable to allow access to the building to the entire park. See Restroom Availability below…

Restroom Availability: CDC Requirements for restroom cleanliness, capacity, and availability only allow us the use of one campground restroom, the upper restroom near the tent area, and it is available for those with tent site reservations ONLY. Due to capacity and daily use limitations, we cannot allow the general public or guests with showers and restrooms to occupy this bathroom building. Expect keypad locks on the doors, with the access code provided to you, if you have a tent site reservation, at check-in. Sharing the key code with the general public or with those who do not need access is strictly forbidden and is grounds for loss of current reservation or another reservation this summer. The key code can change at any time and we will inform current guests of any keycode change. This restroom also becomes available on Father’s Day Weekend. After hour tent site arrivals will have the code available to them in their late check-in packet.

Boat Rentals: Boat Rentals are not available until further notice. KMJ Fishing Boat Certificates will be honored for one year after expiration. Tents sites are available, with limited availability. Some sites are not available to allow for proper spacing between guests and the upper restroom only will be available for use.

It is our goal to provide a safe and healthy outlet to those looking to recreate in a safe and responsible manner. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Wishon Village Staff


Wishon Village is closed for the 2020 season. We will reopen for camping for the 2021 season in May. Reservations for camping will open in January, please click here for more information. Thank you for your support.
Wishon Village Staff